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Sep. 13th, 2012

dancer, hula

Attention all writers..

This just in:

New York Times Best Seller Naomi Novik on Writing, Fan Fiction, and More

Jeff VanderMeer writes about Naomi Novik's visit with the teens attending the Shared Worlds  SF/Fantasy writing camp at Wofford College in Spartanburg, SC,

Among other writerly tips, she talks about fan fic:

In addition to a great reading from a story in the Temeraire milieu, Novik gave a presentation that focused on her career both as writer of her own original fiction and as a fan fiction writer. She told the students that she started writing in college. Before that, she had only written some material for Dungeons & Dragons. Writing started as an assignment but “became something I had to do.” Her first serious writing was “Star Trek fan fiction” and was important to her. Fan fic gave Novik three things that she still values today: “community, an audience, and more competition.”


She spoke candidly about the challenges of “sustaining a series creatively,” which is why she has chosen to end the Temeraire books after the ninth and move onto something new. But the entire time Novik has been working on the Temeraire series, she has continued to write fan fic—“you don’t have to choose between the two”—and there was an audible gasp from the students when she estimated that she’s written in over 50 fandoms. The students were fascinated by the discussion of fan fic, since many of them write it and assumed they had to give it up to devote themselves to “serious” fiction.

Don't you want to know what name she writes her fan fic under?

Here's the URL to the whole article  http://www.omnivoracious.com/2012/09/new-york-times-best-seller-naomi-novik-on-writing-fan-fiction-and-more.html

Mar. 20th, 2012

dancer, hula

New Quilt

I am actually pretty chuffed about this one. It's on my bed, which means the cat loves it too.


Oct. 4th, 2011

dancer, hula

Starkid's 100 Things I've Learned from Watching Doctor Who

WARNING: Some gratuitous teenage use of the F-word

Sep. 4th, 2011

dancer, hula

Torchwood Musings

So after seeing the Pit of Doom and it's attraction of Jack's blood, it's my guess that Jack is The One Ring and that he must fling himself into the Pit (along with his blood in the mirror Pit) to save the world. Anyone here watching Miracle Day?

Aug. 27th, 2011

dancer, hula

And Now, A Few Words: Hurricanes and Pottermore

Taking a pause from my very odd week managing earthquakes and an imminent hurricane (ETA 10 pm EST in NYC) to say hi.  Our citiy's emergency response efforts are truly heroic and of epic proportions... moving nearly 300,000 residents out of the hurricane zone without so much as a whimper from the normally stoic citizenry.  I have been part of the Homebound evacuation, both representing agencies around the city and advising govt agencies.   While there were some 311 glitches and gaffes (not good), mostly the plan seems to have worked as expected, directing different vehicle types to the homebound population and taking them to the medical needs shelters.  Must turn on TV to see those reports, though. I am on high ground, all precautions have been taken and ready to weather it out.  (hehe)

On a LIGHTER note: got my Pottermore invite and just went through the site.  If you want to 'friend' me there, I am RiverGold26.  My first response to the site is that I am rather... underwhelmed.  The best bits are the new material by JKR... the McGonnagal story is especially lovely.   I thought shopping on Diagon Alley was cool and I liked making the potions.  However, Neville has nothing on me based on the number of cauldrons I exploded, until Starkid noted: "you have to turn off the heat, mom".    Oh. 

The bits about places, character, places and objects, for the most part added nothing to the experience if you are familiar with the books, so I ended skipping most of those after a while.  Hunting for shiny bits and hidden objects was kind of fun... very much like what you used to find on JKRs original website.  I may go back to practice my wand waving and brew some more potions.  Perhaps duel if someone challenges me.  Or see if I can find the stuff I didn't find the first time around.   All in all, I'd give it a B-.

Finally, tonight's Dr Who was confusing as hell and why hasn't anyone uploaded last night's Torchwood on The Box!  I wanted to watch it before we lost power! Stay dry, my east coast friends!

Jul. 15th, 2011

dancer, hula

Only a little spoiler.... DH/2

I'm... I'm without complete coherency after seeing DH/2.   Stunned not only that Yates didn't f-k it up, but that he and Kloves took and improved the final battle... and even making the Epilogue palatable.  It was epic and heart-pounding and heart-rending and .... just right.  Sigh.  

And, of course I am SO thankful that they gave Snape his long-lost due.  Rickman was as brilliant and moving as one could have hoped and expected if given the chance.

AND... especially chuffed cause I CALLED IT in the final chapter (From the Ashes) of my fic Trust and Betrayal (completed just before DH was published):

The ache in his heart widened, and he let it. He gathered Lily’s body up in an embrace and held her tightly in death, as he had never done while she lived. She had been the one bright light in his life, and he had callously snuffed it out. His tears began to fall freely. The pain in what remained of his damaged soul rumbled deep within him and forced its way out, until a keening cry erupted, renting the still night air. He cried out for the hideous loss of the only person who had, without reservation, without expectation of anything in return, shown him genuine, loving kindness. He cursed himself, for he had betrayed her, assuring her destruction even before the final curse was thrown. He had killed the one person for whom he’d ever felt love.

  Art by anemonesque for ME

Jul. 7th, 2011

dancer, hula

To my NYC FList:

Is anyone plannng to go to the Part1/Part2 showings of DH at one of the AMC theatres that start at 9 pm Thurs night?   Can I tag along? 


Jun. 5th, 2011

dancer, hula

Doctor Who - Episode 7 (SPOILERS)

Neil Gaiman tweeted to Steven Moffat: "I think Madam Vastra should act as well as solve crimes. Then she'd be a Victorian Silurian Lesbian Thespian."

There seems to be a interweb consensus that the Victorian Silurian and her girlfriend need a spin off:  *hand raised to cast my 'yes' vote*

So I get that River's the daughter.  And maybe it makes timey-wimey sense that she watched her older self kill the Doctor (the actual Doctor?  the ganger Doctor?) at the lake... but .... BUT... 

wouldn't she have recognized her younger self's call for help? Calling Nixon?  Remembering ripping herself out of the creepy alien-rigged spacesuit instead of wondering about the suit's alien technology and that the little girl had to have been 'so strong'?   REGENERATING??????  So many plot holes we may get mass whiplash as we ride over them all.  I suppose the fact that Moffat never bothered to clue Alex Kingston into her character arc may be a basic problem, but it just seems sloppy to me.  **DAMN YOU MOFFAT** hand/fist

Other than that, I did enjoy the past few episodes and wonder how many more times Rory will get killed off before the final episode this fall.

I'd love to hear the opinions of the Brits and my web-theiving flist friends!

Apr. 25th, 2011

dancer, hula

Recent Doctor Who episode reference

... that will only mean something to those who have seen it:



Jan. 26th, 2011

dancer, hula

Gone to the the-a-ter tonight!

A blizzard onstage!  A blizzard outside!  Petunia and Snape hissing at each other... I mean, Alan Rickman and Fiona Shaw... along with Lindsay Duncan performing with the Abbey Theatre, Ibsen's John Gabriel Borkman.   In my neighborhood!!!! WOOT!

I am not a big Ibsen fan, nor of drawing room - sit and talk at each other drama... but watching these amazing performers do their thing made this an awesome character study.  Shaw saying the word "HAPPY" like she was both chewing and swallowing glass.   Rickman's shaking fists in the air at the kingdom he could have/should have had.   And that wonderful and lovely droll line delivery.  Ah... bliss....

The stage set was of furniture set amid snow drifts and the last scene featured an on stage blizzard, which meshed perfectly with the blizzard the audience encountered as we left the theatre.   Here's the view from outside my building in beautiful Brooklyn.  You can't see it, but the snow is blowing sideways..

There shall be more theatre reports soon since I have treated myself to a BAM subscription:  Rush and Jacoby on deck!!!!!!!!!  The Brits are HERE

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